About Judith Janoo

Judith Farrin Janoo won the Soul-Making Keats Award, the Vermont Award for Continued Excellence in Writing, the Anita McAndrews Award for human rights poetry, the Goldstein Memorial Award, the Chris White Memorial Award, and the Laura J. Spooner Memorial Award. She was Reader’s Choice in the Mountain Troubadour 2017 and 2018, and finalist for the Dana Award and Ralph Nading Hill Award.

Her poetry has appeared in Evening Street Press, Euphony, The Mountain Troubadour, Deadly Writers Patrol, Kind of a Hurricane Press, and Vermont Magazine. Her chapbook, After Effects, about the impact of war on a soldier and his family is available to order here, or from Finishing Line Press.

Her fiction has appeared in The Meadow, Puckerbrush Review, The Good Living Review, in Murder Ink II and Murder Ink III, by Plaidswede Press and in Vermont Magazine.